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Insight into new Gmail

From a googler;

Am a googler (hence throwaway account) & I can easily tell you why this shit keeps happening! Google featureless ZERO penalties for fucking shit up! Zero! Do you know what the people who wasted two years on Allo got after it was canned? Nothing! Some of them actually got promoted!

Google GREATLY encourages “launches” - releasing something publicly. And keep in mind - no penalties if the shit is half baked, not working, only works on chrome, or some such nonsense! This is the norm! Why? Promotion. You cannot get promoted beyond a certain level in this place unless you “launch” something big.

So what do you get when you add of all these perverse incentives? Nine thousand, eight hundred, and eighty-three chat apps, and a never-ending chain of redesigns and relaunches so some people can get promoted. Do you know how many bugs you need to fix to get promoted? Infinity. No matter how many you fix, it will never get you enough “impact” for promotion. Never.

How many useless redesigns do you need to launch to get promoted? ONE!

Extra fun: people internally usually warn about this shit, complain about it, file bugs about shitty performance, etc. It is ALL ignored. Most people who’ve been here for over a few years have given up filing bugs even. Because the reply is always the same: “you’re not the target audience”! And we all know it! We all do! Some quit when they realize it, others just begin optimizing for promotion as opposed to optimizing for what is good for the user or the company. And this is how you get new gmail, for example.

TBH, I’m not a fan of the old Gmail either. Gmail is good for two things, and that’s hosting and searching emails. Use your preferred email client to access your Gmail accounts. And yeah, Gmail app sucks too. I was a fan and bought Sparrow early on, but fucking Google bought it, and pull it off the AppStore.

I was doomed for a bit after the death of Sparrow, back to Apple Mail app. Yes, is still better than Gmail. Now, I’m very happy with Spark on both Mac and iOS. It’s practically Sparrow if it hadn’t been bought by Google and kept on being developed until today.

On The 2018 iPad Pro
On The 2018 iPad Pro

Many reviews are out, but I think this twitter thread by Matthew Panzarino hit the nail right on the head;

… it’s great - almost there - but simple things still require gymnastics to pull off.

You’ll be trundling along and then someone will send you a zip file or a download link and all of the sudden you’re caught in an outward spiral of apps, services and extensions trying to just get the files onto your machine for you to use and then into your project.

It’s going to further into becoming a laptop. So I’m gonna hold off upgrading my iPad and keep on using this 2015 MacBook Pro and the old Mac Mini (I don’t remember which year, it’s too old). I might upgrade the Mini if I have to, but I kinda don’t want to. The new Mini is pricey.

Once Xcode is available on iPad Pro, many of those issues above should be gone. By then, it should have a proper solution for looking up docs and pulling codes out of git repos. Working with fonts, images, icons, and other assets. It will then be the perfect iPad Pro for me.

On writing in 2018
On writing in 2018

… or lack there of 😝 As promised let’s get into the reasons why there were significant lack of writing this year. I probably has mentioned this before, but for me, writing organizes my thoughts into something more coherent so that I can progress and plan further into a topic or a certain subject.

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I won...
I won...

I think. Typo in the name, but I may change away from this theme soon :D

Update: I did win!! yeah...

Proof that I've planned the blog migration for awhile
Proof that I've planned the blog migration for awhile

Even though I wasn't really a fan, Wordpress was really the only viable option. I can get it up and running in no time. Has pretty good themes / templates for free. And being able to migrate away from tumblr was a requirement then, I mean like moving all of the contents, use the same permalink, and just point the subdomain to this server instead of tumblr's. It has to do all of those, or none of it and keep the tumblr as the archive. After seeing Bludit, I opted for the latter. No regret so far. Much restrictions, such fun.

Also, I've set the RSS to tweet on IFTTT so you can "subscribe" to this blog by following me on twitter.

Goodbye tumblr. Hello Bludit

I haven’t been writing much, but I’ll get into why another time. But part of the reason is that I’ve stop opening up tumblr, I’ve planned to migrate away from it for awhile now. Wordpress was the top candidate, but I still have mixed feelings I’ve had before.

And then I can across htmly, which is a flat file CMS. Sounds brilliant. Then I look further into these flat file CMSs, in theory they seems to be perfect replacement for tumblr. I loved tumblr for what it was, a dead simple blogging platform that allows custom domain for free. But they seems to have this twitter / facebook envy, and trying hard to be a social network. So,… goodbye tumblr.

This is the only post that’s crossposted. I’m not migrating anything over. The old tumblr links will work as long as tumblr allows free custom domain, and not suspend my account for being inactive.

There are other ways to reach me if you need help modifying your Behmor or something. Don’t be strangers, enjoy this new site.