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Goodbye tumblr. Hello Bludit

I haven’t been writing much, but I’ll get into why another time. But part of the reason is that I’ve stop opening up tumblr, I’ve planned to migrate away from it for awhile now. Wordpress was the top candidate, but I still have mixed feelings I’ve had before.

And then I can across htmly, which is a flat file CMS. Sounds brilliant. Then I look further into these flat file CMSs, in theory they seems to be perfect replacement for tumblr. I loved tumblr for what it was, a dead simple blogging platform that allows custom domain for free. But they seems to have this twitter / facebook envy, and trying hard to be a social network. So,… goodbye tumblr.

This is the only post that’s crossposted. I’m not migrating anything over. The old tumblr links will work as long as tumblr allows free custom domain, and not suspend my account for being inactive.

There are other ways to reach me if you need help modifying your Behmor or something. Don’t be strangers, enjoy this new site.

Friday, 19 October


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