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On Money

Upon returning from my scuba trip to Raja Ampat, what I normally do is editing the clips and compile them into one-minute video for my instagram. While doing that, I like to catch-up on my youtube, I played them on my iPad as a background. But one of the recent video from Casey Neistat caught my attention.

The whole 10-min video can be sum up by a single line from Kanye’s Good Life;

Having money's not everything and not having it is.

This really resonates with me at this moment, as I mentioned on my yearly theme post; I’ve been coasting with my past income for awhile now, but now it’s time too aim for more stability especially in terms of income. Again, this is my year of adulting.

Being a digital nomad is current new hotness. I’ve been a subscriber to /r/digitalnomad for awhile now. It seems like an ideal situation for me. I’ll have most of the flexibility I’ve been having for awhile now, but I’ll also have a stable income. And even more stable than most, cause having dollars as income will shield me from the instability of Rupiah, along with the shoddy political climate we’re having right now.

So, up next is me putting my past projects here on this site so it can be both my portfolio and CV. Then apply to tons of companies that accepts nomad developers. Let’s see if not having a Linked-in profile will actually bite me in the ass.

Wish me luck!