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Softaculous + Bludit

Awhile ago I’ve posted about automating Bludit’s backup, but you know what guys? My cheap ass shared hosting has a better way to do it. Turns out the bug I mentioned in that post it was my own doing. When I wanted to test Grav as my blog, I installed it through Softaculous and I turned on auto update. That’s why my Bludit installation kept being overwritten by Grav.

So I fix that, and upon further investigation, I found Bludit on Softaculous, which I can import my current installation into it. And through Softaculous, I can set up periodic back-up. Then, this is what’s blowing my mind, I can create a staging copy of it. It basically just making copy to another directory, but it’ll change my current workflow. I do all the needed changes on the staging site, then hit the “Push to Live” button. After a quick test, it’ll spit out an error, but it still works.

The only downside I’ve seen is that the analytics on live site is overwritten by the one on the Staging site. I don’t really care about that. If I want to be creepy and track everyone that come to this site I just use Google’s analytics, but I really don’t care about analytics at this point.