Soemarko Ridwan

iOS & Web Developer ⟡ Coffee Addict ⟡ Scuba Diver


Places where you can reach me, ranked from where I'm most active at;

  1. reddit, I'm almost always there even though I need vpn to connect from here.
  2. Instagram, my favorite social network at the moment.
  3. twitter, I still open Twitterriffic from time to time. I’ll completely stop if twitter completely stop supporting third party app.
  4. github, I should work on more publicly available codes. It’s been awhile 😒
  5. tumblr, now defunct, read the last post there as to why.
  6. stackoverflow, this is still useful. Sometimes. It has mostly turns to shit.
  7. facebook, I think that’s me. I’m getting 404 without logging in, but I don’t care enough to fix.
  8. google plus, is this still a thing?
  9., which has all the links I listed here.
  10. Or, you can just send an email to firstnameatlastnamedotorg.