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Uber & Lyft == GoJek & Grab

An interesting post from Washington Post about Uber / Lyft;

But Lyft and Uber are a different story. They’re not selling a song or a movie that can be endlessly replicated for little incremental cost; they’re selling a physical service that’s pretty expensive to deliver. At some point, we’re going to have to pay for it.

Heavy users of ride sharing should start getting used to the idea that the cost will soon go up, and plan their lives accordingly. And investors should prepare for demand to drop when customers and drivers discover the true price of the service.

I have told and repeated that to many folks in start-up world around me about GoJek and Grab. Literally the clone of Uber or Lyft in Indonesia, and some of Southeast Asia for Grab. The days of having food delivered to our door cheaper than the parking fee will go away, sooner or later.