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Updating Bludit

I’m sure this also applies to any other flat file CMSs. Before doing anything, make sure of a few things below:

  1. Backup. Bludit backup plugin exists, but it currently has a weird bug where you need to download the file via ftp instead of from the plugin page. But I prefer just zip up the whole thing and create a snapshot outside of the installation.
  2. Do not touch the core. Anything under bl-kernel in Bludit’s case. If you need to touch the core, consider using other CMS or framework instead. If you touched the core, you literally maintain another fork of the CMS.
  3. Duplicate and renamed modified plugins. Plugins are okay to touch, just make another copy, rename, change the metadata a bit, and do whatever changes you need. This way, the changes will not get restored to the original state when files are being overwritten. For example, I duplicated the Search plugin, because I want to remove the submit button and user just need to hit return to execute the search. I just duplicate everything and call it “Search Clean.

Now with everything above is done, all you need to do is exactly like the cover image:

  1. Merge all folders
  2. Overwrite all files
  3. done.

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