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Best of WWDC 2019 for iOS Dev

… well, for me. the “IMHO” implied.

  1. Sign-in with Apple

This is huge, yuuuuge. I friggin hate accounts. Managing user account is a necessary evil for a long time. On the server side I need to handle a lot of things, this was even before GDPR. Sign-in with Twitter / Facebook kinda alleviate this a tiny bit, but normal implementation still requires the “sign-in with your email”. Sign-in with Apple felt more complete, and definitely more than enough if your app is iOS only app that requires a little bit of server integration.

  1. Project Catalyst

a.k.a Marzipan, honestly, I prefer Marzipan as the name. I’ve posted my thoughts about this. It’ll be an exciting time for Mac Apps ecosystem soon enough.

  1. SwiftUI + Combine framework

I never was a fan of Storyboard, or even _xib_s. But this, this felt like a native RxSwift. There were issues when I was playing around with RxSwift, mainly I was hitting a wall that wasn’t clear whether the problem were coming from RxSwift or Xcode. So back then (about a couple years ago), I decided to just use plain Swift. Which served me well on many jobs / projects that coming my way. I get to mix it up with Obj-C. And many libraries were updated for Swift only implementation.

Those are my top 3. Bonus: WWDC 2019 Art Wallpaper.