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BigTreeTech's SKR 32bit Boards

Upgrading to SKR boards is a lot simpler than a lot of tutorials make them to be because they want to cover a lot of things. Let's boil it down to the essential;

  1. Download and install PlatformIO (so this includes installing VSCode). Then git (if you're on WinOS).
  2. Download the latest stable Marlin — v2.0.1 as of the writing of this post.
  3. Move the sample configuration.h & configuration_adv.h file for your printer to the Marlin folder. Or just copy your current Marlin's config files over.
  4. Open Marlin in PlatformIO, then open the platformio.ini file. Select the environment depending on which the SKR board you bought.
  5. The rests just configuring Marlin. Start by setting the MOTHERBOARD. I personally prefer SKR v1.3 for the price vs flexibility, if I kill a driver I just need to replace the driver instead of the whole board.
  6. Then set the drivers (do a search for TMC). TMC2209 is considered best driver for its price at the moment. Silent, hybrid mode with spread cycle, UART, and sensor-less homing capable. It is slightly trickier if you use E1 as Z2 instead of just using a motor splitter.
  7. Next is the advanced configuration. Enable a bunch of TMC shits if you have UART or SPI drivers.
  8. And the rest is just printer configuration. Or if you pull information from previous Marlin configs if you already have them prior to getting the SKR board, you're done.

I’d consider this as my final upgrade for my A8, I’d get very little return by doing the linear rails upgrade. I’d rather build a new printer for it. 400-500mm build plate. Maybe something like Ender 5 style if I fully DIY, or just build a Voron.

Also, I ordered my v1.3 like a couple weeks prior to v1.4 was released 🤷‍♂️ The differences are minor and has no effect if you put it in Anet A8 or Ender 3 setup. There are enough unused pins on v1.3 to do anything that v1.4 can. However, if I were to order one today, I’d get the v1.4 turbo.