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Hello 2019 or My Yearly Theme

December 2018 was a heck of the month. Got married on the 1st of December, then we went diving in Alor a few days after the wedding. Then we went on 3 weeks trip to Australia, no diving though, which was a bummer but diving there was super expensive and pretty far out from other touristy stuff except for Great Barrier Reef (which sadly, mostly are already dead). That said, the trip was super fun, you should caught glimpses of our trips if you follow my instagram.

Now, I’ve caught up on my podcasts. I’m a fan of CGP Grey videos ever since his coffee video, so I also subscribed to all of his podcasts. The most recent episode of Cortex, they discuss about their past and current yearly theme. Which is cool and all but what clicks for me on this episode is the idea about project. I always thought of project as this one big thing to dedicated some time into doing it. Turns out, something as simple as a blog post can be a project. For some reason, I never thought of it that way. This will totally change my way of thinking about what I considered being productive, and how I approach my future projects.

On to my theme for 2019, I’m just going to steal iMyke past theme, this is my year of adulting. Though I have a different meaning for it. Getting married was his adulting, mine will be focusing on being a husband and in the future, a father. A main provider for my family. I’ve made good bets in the past that let me coasts for awhile, but it won’t last much longer especially now we have scuba as a hobby, and it definitely not enough to send my future kids through college.

And I have so many projects in line right now. New template for this tiny blog of mine. “Mini” apps (more on this in the near future). Blog posts. Many many ideas. Forewarned, I may write many incoherent posts (even less so than in the past), since this is my brain dumping ground. Technically I only need the posts to make sense for me, but my attempt at explaining my approach to the projects will solidify and make the ideas more grounded and way more realistic.

So, happy new year, folks!