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Hexaleaf: DIY Hexagonal Nanoleaf Moodlight

I'm trying something new this time around. I'm going the youtube route for this project. While I don't have a personality to be a YouTuber, the Space Mouse demo I posted there had waay more interactions than anything I posted here. While the visitors to this site is growing, getting comments / questions are fun too. And recently I enjoy a lot of ASMR build / restoration videos with subs and listening to a lot of ChilledCow while working, so since there are no enjoyable sound out of a soldering iron, please enjoy my build video with royalty free lo-fi beats.

And, this is a very visual project, it kinda makes sense to do it on YouTube. While there are many other similar project to this, all of them just telling you what they did instead of showing you how. Most of them has that "rest of fucking owl" in their videos. This prototype video is uncut, I just sped it up during the boring / repetitive stuff, but you can still see everything clearly. This is the obvious step one if you are building your own mood light.


  • eSun Cold White PLA+ (cold white has a bit of bluish tint compared to regular white)
  • STL
  • NeoPixel LED strip
  • Arduino Nano (any Arduino compatible micro controller really)
  • Capacitor and a resistor, basically this sample project
  • Power Supply, 5V 1A is enough for the prototype which is just one leaf and Arduino.

I'd consider the prototype is a success. However, I have put on a pegboard on the wall where I planned this for. So, this project is shelved for the time being.