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[Nintendo Switch] Convert NSZ to NSP

If for some games you just can find the NSZ files instead of the regular NSP. Or you just want to download a smaller file, it’s super easy to convert it. I make this post because there are not a lot of resources online for this. My research always landed to a shoddy Windows only tool. So here we go,

  1. Open terminal.
  2. Install the NSZ tool by running sudo pip3 install nsz
  3. On the Switch, launch emuMMC, and then from the homebrew tools, launch Lockpick. Once that’s done, you should have the prod.keys file in [SD card]/switch/
  4. Shut down, and pop the SD card to computer. Copy the prod.keys file to ~/.switch/

Finished. To extract the the .nsz files just run nsz -D filename.nsz