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Online QR Code Scanner and Generator

This is the first brainchild of Appify. I plan to have that as a house to my app ideas. The name actually was for a different venture that has failed (if it’s not obvious enough from the name, it was some kind of an app generator). But I have the domain and I like the name, and it’s a good name to house my apps. But I digress… introducing: pure javascript online QR Code scanner and generator.

The generator is easy and boring. Not much to say on that end, I just throw that in as “might as well add it while I’m working on this QR thing.”

Now the scanner is much more interesting. I’m know there are plenty of native apps for any native platforms, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and even Linux. But I can’t find any for online QR Code scanner. Heck, it was easier to find an online vector editor that works reasonably well than a QR Code scanner.

And recently I’ve just made a prototype app for a cinema ticketing system that needs to scan QR Code so the audience can redeem their tickets. So this is more of a repackaging, because that prototype was made as a web app to speed things up — instant multi-platforms. The only part that I thought that needed a native implementation was a QR Code scanner.

However, after further research, I thought wrong. Thanks to jsQR, everything was so easy and simple and works on most modern browsers including the ones on smartphones. Definitely good enough for a prototype and I think it’s perfect for web only implementation.

Checkout the Online QR Code Scanner and Generator.