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Project Katara - Build Log 2: Enclosure Design

Not much to write. Now that the parts have arrived, I can find most of the exact models on GrabCAD, and the ones that aren’t available online are simple enough to design myself.

  • R10 800l/h Aquarium Pump
  • ESP-32
  • IEC320 C14
  • 0.96” OLED
  • KY-040 (don’t need the model for this, I just need to cut 7mm hole) — designed my own a knurled knob though.
  • Toggle switch (also no model, 16mm hole)
  • 1000 Watt submersible water heater (poorly designed, can’t find my exact measurement in GrabCAD, but I need to design this to align the water pump)
  • Chinese scavenged AC-DC power supply 5V 2A (just need to add mounting points)

I’ve split the enclosure into 4 parts,

  1. bottom for mounting the pump, sensor, and water heater. Screwed on to centre. 7.5 hours print.
  2. Centre the main enclosure. 12 hours print.
  3. Top is the lid, snap on to centre. 5 hours print.
  4. Clamp to clamp this to a container (the water bucket), and it also clamps centre and bottom together. 2.5 hours print.
  5. I’ve also added 0.2mm gap so I can add a transparency plastic between bottom and centre, you know the ones we use for 3D printed face shields. This is to protect the electronics from hot water vapours.

Total: ~27 hours of print time. I’m getting Volcano hotend + 1mm nozzles.

To be continued...