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The Power of Flat File CMS

I am forced to take a break from Project Katara. Pictured above, this blog suddenly broken for whatever reason. As I finished writing the next build log, I want to post it, I just notice that it’s broken. Not DNS settings, I’ve tried other paths, DNS are fine, FTP is still up and running. Tried re-downloading Bludit and overwrite the core, still messed up.

I have backups both on server and behind Bludit admin, but they’re old. The ones on the server stopped backing up because my host disabled php’s zip during one of their maintenances. I never notice this until today. I’ll fix this after I fixed the blog.

I noticed that I can upload a clean Bludit and have a new installation up and running without issues. So I just copy everything from bl-content over. Broken again but in a different way, /admin led to 404. So something inside the contents are causing this. Let’s do over, go slower.

Clean install, move my custom plugin and theme, all good. Next just copy everything from /bl-contents/pages and /bl-contents/databases (except for the plugins database). It works. And since all of my pictures I hosted it on imgbb, I’m done. All good. The broken copy is still available on /blog-broken, but I don’t think I care enough to do a post-mortem, it’s there if and when I feel like doing something about it.

Everything is sorted within 15 minutes. Can’t even imagine what I need to do if something like this happen to a WordPress blog, which is an argument for paying to be hosted in, or you know, use Bludit.

I need (and want) to continue working on Project Katara.