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18mm Compatible Optical Z-Probe

a.k.a Tiny Touch MK3, kinda. I redesign this from scratch with fusion360 (told ya I plan on something big when learning F360 a few months back). MK2 was working great until I wanted to test a different extruder, or hot end, or simply just a different extruder mount. Let’s say if I want to test a volcano heater block, I’ll need to print another mount or a different flag for it.

So, I decided to completely redesign the whole thing with the same concept. But making it compatible with 18mm probe mounts is key. A few weeks and 10+ iterations later, I’ve got it.

Now that I use SKR v1.3, I have a dedicated servo port on the board. I no longer wish to splice the power off the optical switch. This design is very simple and everyone should understand how to put things together, nevertheless, I’ve also written a complete guide on thingiverse.