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Goodbye Dropbox, Hello MEGA

I recently hacked my Nintend Switch, there I tested and found out that MEGA is the fastest way I can grab large files down to my computer. And it is a totally viable replacement to Dropbox. Apparently last year Dropbox has limit the basic account to 3 devices , which I never noticed until recently.

Because for a long time, I only need 3 devices. iPhone, iPad, and my 2015 MacBook Pro. A few months ago I replaced my (very old) iPad mini to an Android device. Dropbox limitation has been annoying but I didn’t find a need to look for replacement. Now, I just got the new 2019 16” MacBook Pro, the limitation has become a deal breaker. I don’t need a large space. Only used ~5 GB out of the 11 GB I’ve obtain out of various challenges / easter egg many many moons ago.

Moving into MEGA has been painless, I just create a folder called dropbox, and drop everything there. ez pz. On most devices I just sync this particular folder. It took awhile because I have like thousands of files, after everything is synced, it is seamless. Just launch a red M app instead of the blue box, everything else remain the same, and to some extend, MEGA is better as it doesn’t try to do anything else other than a synced folder, the way Dropbox used to be.