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Hacking The Nintendo Switch(2)

Game Backups

Once you’ve got into Hekate (part 1), the hard part is done. To get to the homebrew menu you just need to open the “Album” on your Switch. To backup your own game just launch the NXDumpTool, pick NSP Dump, and you’re done. The file will be in /switch/NXDumpTool/NSP. This is a huge tip in finding a backup games that has fallen out of the back of the truck right on your lap 😉

Installing the backup is also as easy. Just launch Goldleaf, find the .nsp file, click install on SD card, and you’re done.

Classic Games

Again, the hard part is done. Just download retroarch, scroll down for switch. Follow the instruction video. Download some roms, and enjoy. Above is me launching Chrono Trigger, going to replay it for, I don’t know, the umpteenth time.

Bonus: Backup emuMMC Partition (aka Upgrading to a larger SD Card)

It’s a good idea to backup the emuMMC partition from time to time. It’ll also work if you want to upgrade to a larger partition. Some NSP might ruin your install. In my case it’s the SNES Online thingy. So here we go;

$ sudo dd if=/dev/disk3s2 bs=1m | gzip > Desktop/emummc.gz

Change /dev/disk3s2 to the partition of the emuMMC (check it using the Disk To restore to a new disk (or a broken partition);

$ diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk2s2
$ gzip -dc Desktop/emummc.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/disk2s2 bs=1m

It’s super easy but the process takes forever.

That’s all. Fairly easy, super fun project, especially if your Switch has been collecting dust for awhile. Enjoy.