Soemarko Ridwan

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Whey v2.0

I kinda broke v1.0 when trying to smoothout the output from the sensor, rather than rebuild and do the same thing again, I want to rebuild from the ground-up. First step is making the ADS1232 reference design almost exactly as is, especially the filters. This time I want to simplify more things, especially in terms of battery management and workflow.

The grand scheme is basically still the same as v1.0, except this time just done properly rather than cobbled together. I design, well copy, everything with EasyEDA (first time ever -- please excuse my use of auto routing). The idea was order it directly from EasyEDA to JLCPCB, but turns out they ran out of ADS1232 and I required to buy 2000 pcs. Too rich for my blood. Now I have the all the files needed to shop around other fab places. Elecrow came on top in terms of pricing and least confusing process. Email them the files, and they'll response within 24h -- simple, who'd thunk?!

This is my final kitchen scale, further build will be minor iteration. I plan on another "plate" with 3kg load cell so I can use it with pour over, Chemex, etc. Then I need to update the "screen" so it can handle multiple plate without needing to re-calibrate. In mechanical keyboards terms, this is my endgame coffee scale. Anyway, all the files and technical details is in GitHub.